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Guidelines, Terms and Conditions

When booking taxis it is the policy of the Pollys Taxis co-operative that the Customer allows enough time to arrive at their destination. It is our policy that Customers book taxis to arrive at the Train/Bus Station 30 minutes prior to their departure time. Failure to do so will mean Pollys Taxis will not accept any responsibility/liability for missed departures. Although Durham is a small City traffic can be very heavy at any given time. Customers may book a taxi allowing less time than the Pollys Taxis policy but this will be entirley at the Customers own risk. Our policy for Airport transfers is 2 hours before scheduled flight time and 3 hours for the USA. Customers may book a taxi allowing less time than the Pollys Taxis policy but this will be entirely at the Customers own risk. When pre booking a taxi it is always advised to check on the day that your taxi booking is in our system.

USEFUL INFORMATION: Student end of term- it is always advisable to try and book in advance and not on the day. These can be extremely busy days in Durham for the taxi industry. Graduation week is also extremely busy and booking early may avoid disappointment. When booking 5-8 seater taxis we reserve the right to send two taxis. We also reserve the right on occasions to pass bookings onto a third party.

When making an enquiry via the contact us link or email or trying to book a taxi in this way, do not assume the booking has been accepted until you receive a confirmation email. At certain times when busy, emails may not be answered on any particular day but if in doubt call on 07910 179 397.

Phone calls may be recorded for the purpose of confirming booking details. Pre booked taxis, it is recommended that customers check their booking on the day of the journey.

CARRYING OF ANIMALS: it is the Customers responsibility to inform at the point of making a booking with Polly Taxis that an animal is to be carried. It is up to the drivers discretion if they wish to carry an animal with the exception of guide/assistance dogs. Although we still need clarification even if it is a guide/assistance dog. (This is as one of our co-operative members carries an exemption certificate under SECTION 37 DISABILITY DISCRIMINATION ACT OF 1995).

FARE CHECKER: Discount percentages are worked out on tariff 1 prices (with the exception of Ferry Terminal). All fares quoted on Fare Checker are for guide purposes only.

If our guidelines, policy terms and conditions are not adhered to then Pollys Taxis accepts no responsibility for missed transport connections etc. All information is correct as of 7/4/2015 and subject to change.